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When people are facing a crisis in life one of the best ways to control the situation is to stay informed. The aim of this website is to provide mica/pyrite/sulphate homeowners with as much information as possible to help them to stay on top of their situation. The site will be developed as we go along to include more topics and sections so please bear with us!

Research Questionnaire for Property Owners

We are creating a database to help examine what is really happening with homes with defective building materials. A clearer picture is needed of the amount of properties involved, what counties they’re in, if they’re primary residences or holiday homes and so on. If you could please take the time to complete this questionnaire it would help this process considerably. Thank you.

Latest News

The posts in our news section will mainly come from our Facebook Group, this ensures that even non-members can keep up to date with things that are happening, email campaigns etc. Please check regularly for updates or join the group for live information.
Class Actions in Ireland

Class Actions in Ireland

Further to our post a few days ago about class actions being introduced to the Irish legal system, we have added a section to our website about class actions, giving details of what they are, how they work etc. We'll be adding much more to this section periodically....

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This website is in the early stages of development. if you need more information please join our Facebook Group  where you will find more details and information that will assist you.


Are you affected by the Mica/Pyrite/Sulphate Scandal?


Would you like to read a comprehensive analysis of the latest funding scheme offered by the Government?


Would you like to get information on suggested changes that are needed to get a workable acceptable scheme?


Would you like to know how we intend to make these changes happen and get more information on our approach?


Would you like more information and research on why this scandal happened in the first place?

If you answer yes to these questions and you would like more information then please join our Facebook Group in the first instance.

When we have completed the initial research on the group we will then update this website with our documents, findings and further information.

The aim of our facebook group and this information site is ultimately to achieve full redress /compensation for Mica /Pyrite /Sulphate victims.

These family homeowners and business property owners affected by defective blocks & aggregates are victims of a crime committed by manufacturers and suppliers, aided by local councils, government, banks, insurance companies, vulture funds and many others.

We believe that a lot of these victims are going to be left in a position where they will not be able to claim full redress for their losses because of a revised government scheme that has too many inconsistencies and gaps. Victims could end up having to take out additional mortgage loans for tens of thousands in order to be able to rebuild their homes, this is absolutely unacceptable and we refuse to allow that to happen.

Whether you are fighting for your primary residence, a rental investment, a holiday home, a farm building, a commercial building – you used your money to purchase the property or the materials to build that property in good faith and you are a victim of corruption and white collar criminal activity. We refuse to stand by and allow ourselves to be treated like we are being “granted” money by a government who are directly responsible for creating this situation through light touch (non-existent) regulation.

Therefore we are taking it upon ourselves to stand firm and say – NO!

We will not accept any less than full redress for our losses. We will not pay one more cent for our homes. We are victims. We should be fully recompensed for our losses and we intend to ensure that this happens for each and every victim, whatever their circumstances.

If you would like to get in touch with us with any queries or information our email address is victimsofscandal@outlook.com or follow us on one of our social media platforms.